Couples Versus Singles: Who's Better Off?

What's Better About Being in a Couple

1. Knowing that when you wear sexy lingerie, someone besides you will see it.
2. Talking after orgasm.
3. Full-time, in-house back-scratching and neck-rubbing services.
4. Sleeping with someone you trust enough to lose consciousness with.
5. Waking up with someone who wants to hear your dreams.
6. Dreaming big couple-type dreams: marriage, house, babies.

7. Halving your housework, your worries, your rent.
8. Doubling your friends, your CD collection, your income.
9. Arriving home and finding a hot meal waiting for you that wasn't left there by Big Bud's Pizza.
10. The security of knowing what you're going to be doing, and with whom, for as far ahead as you can see.
11. Party postmortems.
12. Watching his face turn joyful when the pregnancy test turns pink.
13. Not having to listen to your parents ask you for the 478th time when you're finally going to meet someone they can feel excited about.
14. Not having to ask
yourself when you're going to meet someone you can feel excited about.
15. Using him as your trusty bed warmer at the end of a really long day.
16. Turning your attention from men to more exciting things.

What's Better About being Single

1. Feeling like your life could be a trendy TV show.
2. Being the total master of your fate - from what you're going to eat for dinner to where you'll put your sofa to how you'll design the rest of your life.

3. Knowing there's someone who'll always listen when you want to talk, someone who's your ally in a cruel worlds: your best friend.
4. Remote- control control.
5. Making enormous changes in your life without feeling selfish or breaking anybody's heart.
6. Dreaming big single-type dreams: the hot job, the big bucks, the great romance.
7. Dressing for attention and relishing every ounce of it.
8. Not having any question about whose career comes first.
9. Sleeping in a flannel nightgown on flowered sheets with a cat, a dog and a pile of old magazine.
10.The thrill of feeling that anything could happen at anytime - and knowing that when it does, you'll be free to leap.
11. Flirting that's as hot as sex.
12. Sex without soul-searching.
13. Soul-searing sex.
14. Renting
Speed on a rainy afternoon and fast-forwarding past the terrorism to the kissing.
15. Having the privacy essential for meditating on such vital issues as who you are and what really makes you happy.
16. Turning your attention from men to more exciting things.