Organizing: Beside Table

Easy Solution for Smart Living

Been awhile since you’ve seen the top of your nightstand? You’d rest easier (and get to the bathroom at night without tripping over the piles that have migrated to the floor) if you cleared the clutter, keeping only what you need each evening. So lose the laptop, jewelry, coins, nail polish bottles, and colony of water glasses. Once the surface is in view, protect it with a piece of glass cut to fit. And don’t feel you have to share with your partner: You should each have your own table (at a comfortable height) and lamp.


1. Divide and Conquer
Your home probably already has one junk drawer, don’t let the handy storage in your nightstand become another. Inexpensive dividers will make your pared-down sleep-time supplies (reading glasses, earplugs, lip balm, a journal) easy to find – even in the dark.

2. Light Right
Two illuminating ways to get more restful sleep: invest in a plug-in dimmer switch (available at hardware stores for about $12) to control brightness, and position your lamp so you don’t have to strain to turn it off from the bed.

3. Hang in There
Use vertical space by mounting a café curtain rod onto the side of the nightstand for holding magazines and catalogs. Chances are you’ll read (and recycle) them faster if they’re nearby and not in stacks.

4. Soft Landing
Start your morning off on the right foot by placing an area rug next to your bed. The cushy floor covering will be welcome on winter mornings. A pair of fuzzy slippers won’t hurt either.