Wellbeing – Uncover the Secrets to Enhancing Your Zest for Life

Take timeout

You know you’re too busy when you:
* Tell the microwave or kettle to hurry up.
* Return phone calls from the bath tub.
* Skip over the vowels when you read.
* Feel decadent for talking time off to visit the dentist.
* Drink less to reduce your trips to the bathroom.

Quick Fix
Energy drinks sound so good with ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and ginseng, but the jolt they give you is usually the result of the sugar or caffeine that they contain. Keep consumption to a minimum and take the energy you need from an improved diet.

Nature’s Remedy
Sage Advice; Sage, a herb linked to memory retention, is now being studied by researchers looking at new Alzheimers treatments. Teams at Britain’s Medicinal Plant Research Centre report that sage is positively associated with the chemical messenger, acetylcholine. (Alzheimers, a common form of dementia, is accompanied by a drop in acetylcholine). As if its brain-boosting properties are not enough, sage also contains significant antioxidant, estrogenic and anti inflammatory agents.

Soften up
The body can break down most pills but if you want to check your vitamin supplement’s digestibility, dunk one of them in vinegar. It should break apart within 30 minutes.

Green Power
Eating your greens is now more important than ever, with high consumption of cabbage being linked to low breast cancer rates. Epidemiologist Dorothy Rybaczyk Pathak wondered why Polish women were more likely to get breast cancer if they immigrated to the US. Her research found a specific link – cabbage. Polish women eat about 13kg of the stuff every year, raw or lightly cooked. But when they move overseas their consumption drops to about 4kg. Dorothy recommends eating three servings of raw or just-cooked cabbage a week. To receive the greatest benefit, you should start serious munching in your teens.

Q: I’ve been on a low-carb diet and now want to go back to eating normally. Will my body have forgotten how to metabolise carbohydrates?

A: No, it’s physiologically impossible. But many people fear that they will quickly put weight back on once they revert to a diet that includes pasta, potatoes and bread. This may actually be true in some cases, especially if you don’t exercise, as losing weight without exercise is likely to result in a drop in lean muscle mass. The best way to stay healthy is to build up your muscles with half an hour or more of exercise five times a week and get your carbohydrates from whole grains, fresh produce, beans and lentils.