Massage Your Way to Great Sex

9 bedroom massage techniques that can ignite the fire in your man

Cat Stroking
Position yourself at your partner’s side near his buttocks or sit astride him. Place your left palm at the base of his neck and stroke down his back slowly and gently. As your left hand reaches his buttocks, lift off and repeat with the other hand.

Buttock Knuckling
Place your loose fists, knuckles down on his buttocks and vibrate gently. Make sure you move your fists over his entire buttocks. This technique disperses toxins and ensures all sexual arousal points have been massaged.

Buttock Kneading
Using light pressure, continue to make small circular movements with your thumbs from the crease of the buttocks in a straight line up to his lower back.

Buttock Plucking
Place both palms on his buttocks. Gently grab small section of his flesh between your thumbs and fingers and let them slip through your hands.

Feather Touching
Using the lightest touch, slowly trail your fingertips, in overlapping motion, down the highly sensitive skin on the underside of his arms, inner thighs and the back of his neck. Then, simultaneously stroke your fingers down the back of his neck in overlapping motions.

Whisper Caressing
Soft caressing is profoundly relaxing, especially on the face and jaw. Proceed to tenderly stroke the left side of his face simultaneously with your hands, followed by his right side.

Brow Soothing
Place each thumb on the start of both his eyebrows. Using gentle but firm pressure, glide your thumbs outwards and press down for five seconds at intermittent points along each brow until you reach the tips.

Ear Smoothing
With your thumbs and index fingers holding his ear, massage all over in a circular fashion slowly and firmly. Move on to his earlobes and gently pull them downwards.

Head Stroking
Stroke the hair and massage the head to induce calmness. To end your routine, rake your fingers through his hair, then with your fingertips, gently massage the scalp in circular motions.

before you begin…
Take note of these 10 essential preparation steps

* Give yourself plenty of time, so allocate the least two hours.
* Unplug everything that could distract you, such as handphones and clocks. If you have kids, send them to a friend or relative’s place.
* To prevent other interruptions, lock the door and place a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on it.
* Set the stage for romance with soft music. Put a couple of CDs into the changes so you don’t have to stop and put on a new one.
* Illuminate the room with sensual lighting, such as candles. Turn off glaring overhead lights and drape sheer fabrics over floor lamps.
* Prepare a cup of water or herbal drink for quick hydration.
* Use rolled towels as his neck and knee pillows.
* Take a long hot shower or bath together.
* Burn suitable essential oils in an aromatherapy burner.
* Since massage oils stain most fabrics, spread an old (but clean) flat sheet over your bed or massage surface.

Create Your Own Scent of Love
To create your very own aromatic massage oil, you need to use a scent-free base oil, such as sweet almond, coconut or olive oil. Add to the base oil a few drops of essential oils of jasmine, rose, geranium, rosewood, sandalwood or ylang ylang, which all possess a warming and enveloping quality. To add a note of spice or a stimulating edge to your blend, add either black pepper or frankincense essential oil.

By Yanni Tan