9 Secret About Your Man – He May not Know Himself!

Wondering why your hubby can’t let go of the remote control? Researches have surprisingly answers..

Researches have discovered subtle differences between men and women, caused by evolution needs.

“We sometimes expects men to act like us, then feel angry when they don’t,” says marriage counselor Joy Lundberg. “But once you understand why men do things, your man will seem less mystifying.” Here are nine secrets about him to help you get along better:

1) Men like talking side-by-side, not face-to-face
That’s why he often looks at something else when you’re looking right at him, Lundberg explains. “Women like to look at people they’re talking to, but it makes men nervous.” So to chat with your man, talk when you’re on a walk or in the car, advises brain and personality expert, Dr. Pierce J Howard.

2) His thumb is 20 times stronger
That’s because men spent thousands of years wielding weapons. So, now you know why your husband is so skilled at using – and hogging – the remote control!

3) Men speak about 12,000 words a day, women speak 25,000
The part of the brain that connects the right hemisphere (controls feeling) with the left (controls language) is 40 percent smaller in men. It’s like dial-up versus broadband internet.

4) Men take longer to get the words out
Because of the smaller “highway” between their right and left brains, it can take men 40 percent longer to formulate their thoughts. So, Lundberg suggests that you let your husband finish speaking first. “That way, he’ll become much more talkative!” she says.

5) Men are warmer
Sure, he is being chivalrous when he offers you his jacket when you’re cold. But, he may not be making that big a sacrifice. Men burn calories faster and feel warmer. So that’s why he turns the air-con up while you huddle under the duvet!

6) Men have trouble saying “I’m sorry”
Studies show that this is due to higher testosterone levels and cultural conditioning, says Dr Howard. But a new study says a man who’s sorry about something will avoid your eyes – a sign he knows he was wrong. So, your hubby may be apologizing in his own way, Lundberg points out.

7) Men move on quickly
Men are quicker to rebound from emotional upsets. As Dr Howard says, “Males must quickly forget scary encounters with bears so they can go out to hunt dinner. But a female protecting young needs a long memory about the bears.”

8) Men have a one-track mind
Unlike women, whose dual-brained approach makes us suited to the multi-tasking that’s an essential part of caring for kids, men are mentally geared to focus on just one task at a time.

9) He needs his space!
Men need more elbow room than women do for emotional comfort. So, when your husband sits in the chair across the room, not on the sofa with you. He’s not being unfriendly. It’s just natural!