Kiss Stress Goodbye

Get your energy levels soaring with these super tips!

You’re so stressed, you’ve been snapping at everyone. Some days, you find yourself gritting your teeth in anger all day or wanting to scream your head off in frustration! Other days, you’re so exhausted, you feel like you can’t take another step. If your face now wears a perpetual frown and worry lines your forehead, it’s time for some serious stress-busting.

1) Be Assertive
Don’t let others walk all over you. Be honest about what you think and feel. So next time your boss asks you to run errands during lunch, tell her you won’t be able to do your job well unless you have a nutritious lunch and a breath from work.

2) Icy Pleasures
Is the heat making you sluggish? Bring temperatures down by rubbing cubes of green tea all over your body. The feel of cold liquid, trickling down your back will instantly spring you back to life. Green tea’s antioxidants are good for the skin. To double the fun, do it with your hubby!

3) Go on a Natural Hike
Slather on some sunscreen lotion, put on your boots and get yourself down to the nearest hill, nature trail, or forest. Just feeling the delicious warmth of the sun on your skin and being amidst natural will instantly calm frazzled nerves.

4) Buy Yourself Flowers
So, who says you have to wait for a man to get you some blooming beauties? You can get some flowers for your desk at work – even a single red rose in a bud vase does miracles for your mood!

5) Get into the Groove
Melt stress away trough dancing – this super-charged activity is so much fun, you won’t even feel like you’re exercising! Latin dances like the tango and salsa go a step further by getting you in touch with your deepest emotions, so you’ll find yourself swaying to the sensual rhythms like you never knew you could.

6) Strut Your Stuff
Do you know why models always get noticed? Because of their walk! So, stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and stride confidently out of your home. Imagine yourself as having the perfect body and don’t let any negative thought stray into your head. Flash your dazzling smile at all the people you normally deal with and everyone will be buzzing about you.

7) Take a Day Off!
Sure you’re good, but your office won’t tall apart in your absence. So, plan a day just for yourself: Start with a game of tennis, then go for a massage cum pedicure. Call up an old girlfriend you haven’t seen in ages and make a lunch date with her. Get that book you’ve been meaning to. Catch the latest movie – it’s easier to get tickets while everyone is at work – then make all your colleagues green by telling them how awesome the movie was when you get back to work!

8) Cross-train
If you’re treadmill junkie or a stationary bike die-hard, it may be time to shake up your workout. Fitness experts say that you burn more calories and tone different parts of your body if you actually cross-train. SO, what that means for the gymaholic is that you would see more results if you spent 10 minutes on the bike, 20 on the treadmill and 15 on the elliptical stepper. For those of you who prefer running in the park, alternate your workout with a swim or a game of tennis or squash.

9) Anytime Tension-reliever
a – Standing tall, lift your head up and back so that you stretch your neck. Slowly turn it to the right and then to the left. Dip your head and return to looking straight ahead.
b – Slowly rotate your head in a clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction.
c – Take your shoulders back as far as they will go. Lift your left shoulder and relax it down again. Now swap and lift and relax your right shoulder.
d – Swing your right arm slowly in a full circular movement to free the shoulder. Swing your left arm in the same way.
e – Raise and relax both shoulders. Repeat ten times.
f – Put your right hand over your right shoulder and touch your left shoulder blade. Repeat with your left hand to your right shoulder.

10) Express Yourself
Pent-up emotions are a hotbed for stress. So, at the end of the day, when you’re alone in your car or home, let it all out: Scream at the top of your lungs. Hit pillows. Wave your arms around. Cry. When you experience an emotion and don’t want to let it out at the exact moment that you’re feeling it, give yourself the gift of expressing it later on. It clears your mind and body of emotional residue and will release the tension that accumulates from trying to hold it in.