Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Bathe Him
Which man doesn’t like to be pampered? Massage him as you soap him up – you’ll bond in the shower.

Fun Times
Marriage, children, money and chores leave little time for fun. When your husband thinks of you, you want him to think not responsibility and burden, but fun. Make time for and plan fun activities. Try a thrilling new sport together. Go somewhere he’s always wanted to go. Avoid ruts and routine.

Think Praise and Pleasure
Do you complain frequently? Do you and your husband often quarrel? If your answer’s yes, thoughts of you might be associated with pain, not pleasure. For every time you criticize your husband, there should be four instances where you compliment and encourage him. If you make him feel bad about himself, he’ll seek happiness elsewhere. Make him associate you with pleasure. It can be emotional, physical or spiritual pleasure, like praying together or saving the Earth.

Adventure Together
Bad times can be better weathered when you know something wonderful is going to happen. Plan a trip you’ve dreamed about. Collect brochures, start saving.

Does he wish you would paint your nails, or stop cleaning so much? Those tiny complaints can mean a lot. Draw him out. Find out what he wants or needs.

Deeper Purpose
Find a mission. Do you want to raise children, help a charity or save the Earth? Get involved in projects that will make your marriage more meaningful.

Doll Up
Face it. How you look does matter. Don’t let yourself go after you’ve nabbed your man.

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